DUO, Electric Powered Car Environmentally Friendly

Natural resources of oil and gas that are limited to scourge all motor vehicle users on Earth, at least in the decades ahead. The inventors continue to find ways to utilize alternative renewable energy as a substitute for fuel oil and gas.

In addition to using solar energy or solar panels, some developers try to use electrical energy as alternative fuel vehicles. Myers Motors is one of them. Mini car manufacturer from Ohio, U.S. It is a deliberation on the concept car based on both electrical energy.
Previously, Myers Motors had introduced the concept of Myers Motors NMG (‘No More Gas’ or not using oil) the end of 2009 and began to be marketed at the end of last year.

Efficient car has three wheels, two in front and one behind, with a capacity of one passenger. He emerged as a product integration between motorcycles and cars. Still like the design of the motor, the main lights in the middle.

To illuminate a wider path, Myers also completed two secondary lights, each one on the right and left of the main light. Dimensions of the car so that the design of the front like apart from the central body.

Now, Myers Motors introduces the new car re-named: DUO. If you see her face, passing it the same with NMG. Only DUO has two passenger capacity and battery power is greater.
Technically, the DUO is still regarded as an electric motorcycle, so allowed to park in motorcycle parking areas.
Those who ordered DUO before 31 December this year will be separated from the purchase tax burden by 10 per cent of the normal price of U.S. $ 2,500, equivalent to Rp22, 1 million. Pre-production DUO likely to be completed by next April. (sumber ; vivanews)


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